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Welcome to xlighter home of the amazing "Double Arc" USB rechargeable electric lighter. A new exciting take on the original flip style fuel lighters. These flameless, windproof lighters emit two high voltage streams of electricity forming a glowing blue X pattern which looks incredible and will set almost anything alight.

Besides being the coolest looking lighters around, the xlighter is also highly reliable and boasts the following benefits:

  • Recharges in just a couple of hours from any USB outlet with the micro cord included
  • Wind proof - can be operated easily during windy conditions
  • Water resistant - continues to operate after being exposed to water or rain
  • Environmentally friendly - saves thousands of disposable lighters going into the bin
  • Available in five great colours; Silver, Black, Gold, Chameleon & Blue
USB Rechargeable Flameless Lighters

Are you tired of buying disposable lighters only to have them die when you need them most? Do you find your current lighter doesn't work at various times, also when you need it most? Regardless of why you are fed up with your lighter, you are sure to love this amazing product, an electronic cigarette lighter that can be recharged through any USB device.This product, known as the "xlighter", generates an arc of electric energy to set the desired materials alight. Once you see how incredible this product is, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

This wonderful device allows you to light candles throughout the home, can be used to ignite a gas stove, paper, fuses, a cigarette, incense, or anything that can fit in the arc. Turn it upside down and it still works and you never have to worry about running out of fuel. You don't have to worry about being burned when using it this way either, and it ignites things rapidly. In fact, this lighter allows you to light a cigarette or other item up to five times faster than its counterparts. You are sure to fall in love the first time you use it.

Replace your current disposable lighters with something that works flawlessly every time and looks great too. Every time you use your lighter, others will ask about it. It's actually a great conversation starter and one that will attract attention wherever you go. Check it out today, and you'll want to buy one for all of your friends. They are sure to appreciate this device as much as you do. It's one item you never want to be without. 

How Does the USB Arc Lighter Work?

The Double Arc USB rechargeable electric lighter offers a new take on the original flip style fuel lighter. It is both flameless and windproof, yet this is where the similarities end. The device emits two high voltage streams of electricity, and these streams form a glowing blue x pattern. It's so unusual others will want to see the lighter for themselves, and they are sure to be impressed. Best of all, the lighter can be used to set almost anything alight. As it can be recharged, you never need to worry about it running out either, as long as you remember to plug it in using a USB port. One charge can be used for more than 100 ignitions. That's the equivalent of five packs of traditional tobacco cigarettes. It's so handy, you will likely find you want to charge it every night so you never have to be without.

USB lighter is flameless and has an x pattern arc.

The Benefits of the USB Arc Lighter

Why replace your current disposable lighter with the xlighter? What benefits can you expect to obtain from this device that you can't get from other products? Other than the fact that the lighter will work whenever you need it to, as long as it has been charged, there are numerous other advantages associated with owning a device of this type. The following are merely a few to take into account when making your purchase decision.

  • The device can be charged in only a few hours using any USB outlet.  A micro cord is included specifically for this purpose, and you aren't limited to one charging option, making this a convenient item to have regardless of where you go. Chances are you already have access to USB ports to charge mobile devices, such as a cell phone or tablet, and the lighter charges using the same method. You won't have to purchase new devices that need to be carried around with you, making life easier. Use a wall adapter, power bank, computer, or whatever is handy at the time as a power source.

  • The lighter is waterproof, making it a great item to have when you are exploring the great outdoors. Go kayaking or whitewater rafting and get your current lighter wet. What happens when you do so? The lighter, in most cases, will no longer work. After drying out, it may be good for a few uses, but then it will likely need to be replaced. Expose the xlighter to water or rain and attempt to use it. It sparks immediately, allowing you to ignite the desired item with ease. This can be of great importance when weather conditions deteriorate and shelter and warmth are needed for survival purposes. Actually, this is one item every survival kit should contain whether that kit is intended for use in a home, office, car, or while out on an adventure.

  • This device is very easy to use and is much safer than its disposable counterparts. No gas or fuel is needed, and the lighter automatically shuts off after use. Best of a, one full charge will allow the device to be ignited more than 100 times.

  • In addition, the xlighter is windproof. Nothing is more frustrating than using up the fuel in a disposable lighter simply because it has to be lit multiple times before the item ignites thanks to windy conditions. The xlighter system ignites materials immediately, even in high winds, you can't blow it out, eliminating this issue completely. Again, this may be of great help in a survival situation.

  • Lighters tend to be banned on flights, yet this isn't the case with the xlighter. This lighter is electric, thus it is allowed on airplanes. There is no gas, no fuel, and no risk of explosion, all reasons why many airlines refuse to allow disposable lighters. Always check the relevant airline's safety policies prior to flight.

  • Every person has their own unique style, and the makers of the xlighter understand this. The design of the lighter is extremely attractive and of similar style of popular reusable fuel lighters, such as the Zippo lighter. The company offers five colour options—black, blue, chameleon, gold and silver—so every buyer can choose their favorite. In fact, some opt to purchase more than one and use different colours for different days of the week or different outfits. It's all a matter of personal preference, and different colours help to ensure friends don't mix up their lighters when out together. Everyone can easily determine which one is theirs.

  • Use of the xlighter benefits the environment. Fewer disposable lighters end up in the bin, where they may take hundreds of years to disintegrate. As the xlighter can be recharged again and again, this helps to keep trash to a minimum. Furthermore, as no butane is needed for this lighter, there is no concern of any fuel leaking in the landfill. 

  • This lighter weighs only 100 grams, so it's easy to use and carry. This is similar to the weight of the popular Zippo lighter. Users hear a distinctive click when the lighter is open and closed also, thus they know that it's shut until it is time to be used again.

USB Rechargeable Lighter Collection

 The xlighter story

The xlighter story began during a hiking trip in the United States. We are a small company dedicated to seeking out the best, most innovative lighter products and supplying them here in Australia. We believe that includes holding stock locally so you don't have to wait to get your hands on one of these amazing plasma arc lighters.


So check out the awesome lighters by clicking the images above or find them at the following link: USB Rechargeable Flameless & Windproof Lighters.

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